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Archetypal Astrology

Astrology is a symbolic language speaking of the energies that carry life. The individual astrological birth chart or horoscope depicts a person's fundamental character traits, strengths and weaknesses, tasks and challenges, interests and potentials. An astrological reading of the birth chart is a valuable and very informative tool for deeper insights into oneself.

The so called 'astrological transits' are current movements of the planets as they relate to points and planetary positions in the birth chart. The astrological perspective on transits offers a deep understanding of present life issues and their meaning. A transit reading is not concretely predictive in the sense of predicting life events. But transits are archetypally predictive in that they speak of future growth challenges and potentials.

The archetypal perspective offers insights that include transpersonal, mythological, pre- and perinatal, shamanic, and transformative aspects of the human soul in search of itself, of the divine, and of the meaning of life.

Mark's astrological perspective is closely affiliated with the archetypal astrological research and work advanced by Rick Tarnas, Stan Grof, and Matthew Stelzner at the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) in San Francisco.

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