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Transpersonal Psychotherapy (TP)

Transpersonal Psychotherapy (TP) is based on the insight that all human conflicts are driven by the psyche's innate attempt to heal itself. Therefore TP's attempt is to induce, reinforce, and support processes of transformation in all its facets instead of pathologizing or marginalizing certain forms that do not fit the cultural agenda.

TP acknowledges that, beyond the biographical history of a person - the area usually dealt with in conventional psychotherapy - human beings are profoundly influenced by perinatal and transpersonal patterns of experience.

The specific circumstances of a persons birth informs her ability or disability to respond to later life situations. The same is true of the way a person holds transpersonal experiences transcending the boundaries of everyday awareness, such as mystical states etc.

TP has demonstrated that the transformation and healing of biographical issues, while important, can in many cases not sufficiently address a person's internal and external conflicts. What is required to fully come to terms with the bigger questions in life is a close look at perinatal imprints as well as opening up to an appreciation of the transpersonal realms of the psyche.

All ancient and contemporary healing traditions have honored and passed on the sacred knowledge how to achieve healing and wholeness by inducing states of consciousness beyond everyday reality. These states foster the transformation of mythological and collective strata of the human soul. What eventually breaks forth in this process is the deep human longing for the divine, for the experience of belonging to a larger whole.

The methods to induce such states of consciousness vary between cultures, historical times, and races. Most common are fasting, meditation, the modulation of the breath, the use of entheogens, music etc.

An old saying goes:
Knowing another is scholarship,
Knowing oneself is wisdom.
Overcoming another is power,
Overcoming oneself is strength.

For more information on specific methods of transpersonal psychotherapy please click in the box 'Read more about'- Box up on this page.

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