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This is a permanently updated list of links, divided into the categories you see on the right, featuring friends and colleagues that are dear to my heart in many ways. Some of them are or have been essential for my personal path, others offer services the quality of which I want to recommend. I bow to all of them with gratitude and respect.

May their lives be blessed.

Byron Metcalf - Friend and elder; fellow traveller; musical mentor and colleague; therapeutic and academic colleague; studio owner; shamanic percussionist; audio mixing wizard:

Andres Condon - Friend and musical colleague; guitar virtuoso from Chile. ... unbelievable! ... He moved to Germany!

Veetman and Sukhi Masshoefer - Therapists and group facilitators with many years of experience teaching the spiritual dimensions of living and dying:

Matthew Stelzner - Friend and former colleague in earlier GTT times; now exquisitely talented and wonderfully dedicated professional astrologer:

Parimal - Spiritual home; place of beloved friends; musical garden:

Premdipa - Friend, fellow meditator, and relentlessly patient webdesigner:

Nalini Barbara Lieberknecht - powerfully expressive paintings, born out of her own ritual journeying, are presented on her newly launched webpage at:

Daniel Melle - Raving webpage wizard with the Dharma touch for design:

Shantam Rolf Brüggemann - Silver flute and Bansuri virtuoso who studied with the great Bansuri masters Hariprasad Chaurasia and Ragunath Seth in Mumbai (Bombay), India:

Sathyam Mario Schwenninger - Seminars on the Huna path:

May their lives
be blessed.
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