Individual Counseling

If you are looking for the classical form of individual talk therapy, we recommend a cycle of 10 sessions minimum to arrive at a satisfactory goal.
Talk Therapy takes a little more patience than other methods, but the big advantage is that it’s not as challenging.
In a relaxing and personal atmosphere you will we able to determine your own speed of progress.
Eventually, and if it feels right for you, experiential elements (relaxation, breathwork, bodywork etc.) can be introduced into the process.

Talk Therapy is best for people who do not have prior experience with therapeutic work.
It allows to tell one’s life story and slowly and gently approach issues that feel unresolved.

Counseling for Couples

Learn how to rekindle the spark if you have been in relationship for longer and feel disenchanted.

Rediscover the passion for each other by finding the courage to express wishes, desires, and withholdings.

Using structured dialogue and simple exercises, we will support you in the process of quickly empowering you to develop a new vision for love.

Counseling for Families

We look at family as a coherent organism.
If one member feels challenged, then her or his issues must be treated within the web of the family system.

Initial conversations with the family members, listening to their concerns, and encouraging them to express their wishes will facilitate an atmosphere of caring and trust.

Eventually, Systemic Family Constellation work can be utilized as a very effective method to resolve conflicts and arrive at more harmony, health, and happiness in the family.


I offer a working concept that is tailored to your individual needs and capacities

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